Jack Guenon

Sheriff's Office
Title: Deputy
Phone: 435-784-3255

Hello Daggett County community. It is my pleasure and honor to introduce myself to you.  My name is Jack Guenon, and I have been hired as a Deputy Sheriff to provide public safety and to build a great relationship within the Daggett County community. I have dedicated my life to helping others.  I bring with me a Bachelor of Science degree in the criminal justice field.  I have had the honor of serving my country and the state of Utah in the US Army National Guard 19th Special Forces Unit at Camp Williams for over 12 years.  I have spent over 30 years dedicating my life in the law enforcement field. I have an abundant amount of experience in my different fields such as Patrol, Investigations, SWAT, Training Officer, and SRO.
I have worked as a federal agent as an Airmarshal after 9-11, I have worked as a Special Reaction Team Member for the department of defense, and Federal Law Enforcement Officer. The most interesting thing has been meeting and working with people of all ethnicities.  I have seen in times of distress how tight each community becomes and strives to work together not for themself but for their neighbors. I have spent many years as a visitor of Daggett County and now honored and humbled to be part of this great community and it reminds me of a phrase I have heard “If someone is in the water, they’re plucked out. If someone is injured, they’re bandaged. There are no questions, just action. Not just during times of war and disaster, but in everyday life.  The villages that support each other are the villages that succeed”. I look forward to being a professional law enforcement deputy and a great resident for the Daggett County community and visitors. 
                      -Deputy Jack Guenon 

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