Weed Program

Daggett County Commissioners passed an ordinance in 2010 Establishing Priority Classification of Noxious Weeds to assist in the eradication and/or control of certain noxious weeds. Updated Classification for 2012 (PDF). PDF Version of May 2012 Newsletter (PDF) article publishing the board's intent to enforce Noxious weed control within the County.

The Commission has passed an ordinance to establish The Daggett County Weed Control Board and rules for governing the control of noxious weeds and providing a means for enforcement and cost collection.

The Conservation District was put in place as the Weed Control Board and has been planning and budgeting with the County to implement noxious weed control within Daggett County. Daggett County Weed Manager is hired to help with the control of Noxious weeds. To learn more about cost share programs and weed control information contact the Weed Manager at 435-784-3218 opt. 5.

  1. Weed Department

    Physical Address
    91 N 1st West
    Back of Maintenance Building
    Manila, UT 84046

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 219
    Manila, UT 84046

    Phone: 435-784-3218 opt. 5

  2. Becky Bindl

    Weed Manager

  3. Ruth Lee

    Seasonal Weed Dept Worker