H.E.A.T. Program

H.E.A.T. Program

H.E.A.T. stands for Home Energy Assistance Target. The purpose of this program is to assist eligible households to meet the rising costs of home energy. It is a federally funded Energy Assistance Program that is administered by the State of Utah through the Department of Community and Culture and the Uintah Basin Association of Governments.

Eligibility Appointments

Uintah Basin Association of Governments (UBAOG) will make their annual visit to Manila on October 28th. Contact the Pantry at (435) 784-3993 or the Vernal HEAT Office at (435) 781-2021 for additional information.

Income Elgibility Chart - 150% of Federal Income Eligibility Levels
Household Size Maximum Monthly Income*

Household SizeMaximum Monthly Income

Add $450 per month for each additional family member.

*This amount is AFTER a discount of 20% for income that is earned through employment or self-employment. Medical Expenses, child support, or alimony that you paid in the qualifying month also may be deducted from your income.

Documentation Needed during your appointment:

1. Identification: Current Driver's License or State ID
2. Social Security cards for yourself and all persons in your household 18 and older.
3. A copy of your most recent & active utility bills from each utility supplier (i.e., both gas & electric).
4. Proof of all income received by all household members in the month your appointment is in or in the month prior to the date of the application.
5. Proof of medical expenses you paid out in the month prior to the month your appointment is in.
6. Proof of any child support and/or alimony you paid out in the month prior to the month of your appointment
7. Proof of disability.
8. Proof of a child in the home age five (5) and under (birth certificate, etc.) 9. Additional documentation may be required

For More Information

To get more information on this program or to apply for this program contact the Flaming Gorge Food Pantry at (435) 784-3993 or the Vernal HEAT Office at (435) 781-2021.