Frequently Asked Questions for the Commissioners


Q: How do I get on the agenda for a Commission Meeting?
A: Contact the County Clerk 's Office at (435) 784-3154 or the Commission Assistant at (435) 784-3218 ext 134.

Q: What hours are the commissioners available?
A: Daggett County Commissioners are part-time. Commission Meetings are held on Tuesday's of each month except for Holidays. Each Commissioner has a separate voice mail where you may leave a message: Commissioners may be reached by calling (435) 784-3218 and then inputting their direct extension. Commissioner Perry has ext. 133; Commissioner Slaugh has ext. 131 and Commissioner Lytle has extension 132.

Q: Why isn't the County fixing the roads in Manila?
A: The Town of Manila has its own government. Road funds do not come from the property taxes collected by the Town or County. They are a product of gas taxes paid out for existing roads and mineral lease moneys paid out for oil and gas withdrawal on federal property. The Town is not currently part of the Special Road Service District, but the County and Town are working together to find legal ways to combine efforts to provide for good roads in and around Manila.

Q: How do I become a member of a local Board or Committee?
A: Current openings are posted on this website. Fill out the application (PDF) and turn in by the deadline in order to be considered. If no openings are currently available on your preferred board or committee, remember all county board and committee meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend and get involved as far as the board or committee bylaws will allow.