Frequently Asked Questions for the Emergency Management

Emergency Management FAQs

Q: Who does the Homeland Security Grants?
A: The Daggett County Regional Response Team Committee prioritizes equipment for the SHSP portion of the HLS Grant, then it is submitted to the Regional Response Planning Committee, then it is submitted to the State. If the requests are with in HLS grant guidelines the state sends back the grant amount and the line items approved.

Q: Who writes the Emergency Plans?
A: All agencies and departments are required to submit protocols and procedures to be included in the plan.

Q: Who decides what is included in the Plan?
A: Approval of the County Commission is required for all sections of the plan.

Q: What plans are included in the Emergency Operations Plan?
A: Basic Plan, Resources, Agreements, Resolutions, & Ordinances, Hazardous Materials Response Plan, Terrorism (WMD), Tri-county Mitigation.

Q. What is the Local Emergency Planning Committee?
A. The organization is organized under Title 42- The Public Health and Welfare Chapter 116 Emergency Planning and Community Right-To Know Act Subchapter I-Emergency \ Planning and Notification. Sec.11001 (c) Establishment of local planning emergency committees no later than 10 months after October 17, 1986.